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Hello, I am Magnus Böner… (My last name is pronounced Booner, you pervert!) We are now on first name basis, and you may call me Magnus.
My goal here is to educate you about beer, brewing, and an assortment of things I am passionate about in relation to those topics. I have been brewing most of my adult life, and have had some great mentors. In turn, I have had the privilege of training some great brewers. The folks I have mentored are my most valued brewing accomplishment. I have won a grip of medals during my time leading a beer production team. As a brewer I have not only accomplished great things, but I have also made some epic mistakes!
My thirst for beer, and knowledge has taken me many places, so I will also share tales of my travels. I have visited Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Canada, and Hungary. In the US, I have been to NYC, Las Vegas, LA, Denver, Portland, Seattle, The Jersey Shore, and my favorite beer city, Bellingham, WA. However, my travels are not over, and there are many more place I would like to visit. I will do my best to provide enough information on my adventures so that you can visit some of the same places.
Through high school, and my early 20s I worked in kitchens and learned some basics about cooking. For my first “adult” job, I was a professional baker for (4) years. During that time I was surrounded by foodies. We would talk about cooking all day long. We would go home, and watch the Food Network (This was before reality-food-TV). We would make food, and we would bring our food back to the bakery to share with each other.  I have a passion for food, and by nature I have an eye for detail, so I will share some of my favorite recipes. I enjoy cooking the same dishes over and over. I take careful notes, and aim for perfection. Once I get a recipe dialed in I will share it with you. I also have a YouTube channel, You can check that out if you  Click Here!